My name is Eric L. Henley, MSBA; a disabled Veteran, United States Army (Alpha Battery 5/1 Field Artillery, Fr. Polk, LA.) and  the Founder and President of SOBER LIVING, INC.

I have worked closely with homeless veterans at STEPS HOUSE, Inc. in Knoxville, TN as a counselor as well as Cornerstone of Recovery in Louisville, TN.  I continue to volunteer wherever needed.

Current statistics indicate that one out of every five Veterans is homeless entering into a substance abuse program.  SOBER LIVING, INC.  is an organization geared towards providing a comfortable, drug and alcohol-free home environment for Veterans who have successfully completed an in or outpatient substance abuse program at one of the several facilities in the community.

It is our FIRST goal to provide  1-3 bedroom apartments or homes for single-family or “roommate living” for those Veterans that have satisfied the Sober Living, Inc. criteria, in order to give them a fresh, stable, and sustainable foundation as they begin to create a better life for themselves.

In addition, as Sober Living continues to expand,  I intend for this organization to be a primary resource for auxiliary services and education that will continue to support our Veterans with the transition that is necessary to establish and sustain a sober healthy lifestyle.

Our facilities will be located in demographically desirable areas of Knoxville, TN  that are conducive to our participants ongoing journey to sustainable recovery.  These homes will be convenient to grocery stores, bus lines, other necessary services such as the VA Outpatient Clinic, and A.A, and N.A. meetings.

With homelessness being a common occurrence that Veterans suffering from alcohol and drug abuse,  SOBER LIVING, INC. is working to stem the tide of this cycle.

If you are Veteran who has just completed a substance abuse program … done the 12 and 12, YOU know the principles and it’s time for you to get back out in the world.

Where do you go?   Where do you start?

You’ve burned bridges.  People you love have turned their backs because of the things you were doing during your act of addiction.  Our community of service providers will open the door that gives you a fighting chance to be the positive role model for your family, your community and most importantly for yourself.

You just have to walk through it!

I am not a preacher or politician. I am a Veteran  working to help Veterans.

We are in the process of launching our program in the meantime we have access to information and services that can assist.  Please contact us if you have a need or know a Veteran that does.

Eric L. Henley