Barry And Red

A few days ago I had the opportunity to continue a tradition I started 8 years ago. That tradition was a simple one: Choose (2) veterans to hang out with on Veteran’s Day. This was my mission. The (2) I chose were Ralph Barry Cox and Eric Hall (Red). I did not know what I was getting myself into, but I soon found out. Both have PTSD, both have personality disorders and various other ailments. So we set out to enjoy Veteran’s Day just us (3). It was trying at times considering I was dealing with my own PTSD at the time, but I was determined to give the guys a good time. Fast forward 8 years and this past Veterans Day was different because of COVID19, but we put on or masks and we were determined to keep our tradition intact. Well, Red forgot his mask for breakfast and I had to supply him with one. For lunch, we were supposed to go to Texas Road House, but red somehow got lost Red because he wanted a free sundae. As I attempted to find Red, he did not know where he was. This exacerbated the situation. Suffice it to say Barry and I went to Texas Road House without Red. I chose these (2) because they make laugh and I care for them and I love them. Thank You, Barry and Red for being in my life and making me better whether you know it or not.

Rest In Peace Scott Jenkins